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Florida's Native and Naturalized Orchids

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While this site is available to the public for free, it is not free to create or to host this site. There is the cost of photographic equipment, web hosting, maintaining the domain name, gasoline to drive into the field, and time spent processing the photographs, and arranging the web pages. In short, this endeavor requires time and money to produce and keep on-line to educate the general public about our native orchids (and, hopefully, tell an entertaining story along the way).

Any donations received will go toward maintenance and upkeep of these pages as well as furthering efforts to photograph these rare beauties out in the wild. We are not a charitable organization, so your donation is not tax exempt, but we promise it will be used toward the continued purpose of educating the world at large about our rare, diverse, and beautiful native orchids here in the state of Florida.

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