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Florida Wild Orchid Gallery

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Welcome to the Florida Native Orchids Gallery. This gallery is a labor of love for the orchids native to my home state, Florida (which, translated from Spanish, means "Land of Flowers").

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Bearded Grass Pink, Early Grass Pink(Calopogon barbatus)
Bearded Grass Pink, Early Grass Pink
Calopogon barbatus
Carter's Orchid(Basiphyllaea corallicola)
Carter's Orchid
Basiphyllaea corallicola
Chapman's Fringed Orchid(Platanthera chapmanii)
Chapman's Fringed Orchid
Platanthera chapmanii
Clamshell Orchid(Prosthechea cochleata var. triandra)
Clamshell Orchid
Prosthechea cochleata var. triandra
Copper Ladies Tresses(Mesadenus lucayanus)
Copper Ladies Tresses
Mesadenus lucayanus
Cowhorn Orchid,Cigar Orchid,Bee-swarm Orchid(Cyrtopodium punctatum)
Cowhorn Orchid,Cigar Orchid,Bee-swarm Orchid
Cyrtopodium punctatum
Craighead's Nodding-caps(Triphora craigheadii)
Craighead's Nodding-caps
Triphora craigheadii
Cranefly Orchid; Crippled Cranefly Orchid; Elfin Spur(Tipularia discolor)
Cranefly Orchid; Crippled Cranefly Orchid; Elfin Spur
Tipularia discolor
Crested Coralroot(Hexalectris spicata)
Crested Coralroot
Hexalectris spicata
Crested Fringed Orchid(Platanthera cristata)
Crested Fringed Orchid
Platanthera cristata
Delicate Ionopsis, Delicate Violet Orchid(Ionopsis utricularoides)
Delicate Ionopsis, Delicate Violet Orchid
Ionopsis utricularoides
Dingy Flowered Star Orchid(Epidendrum amphistomum)
Dingy Flowered Star Orchid
Epidendrum amphistomum
Downy Rattlesnake Plantain(Goodyera pubescens)
Downy Rattlesnake Plantain
Goodyera pubescens
Florida Adder's Mouth(Malaxis spicata)
Florida Adder's Mouth
Malaxis spicata
Florida Butterfly Orchid(Encyclia tampensis)
Florida Butterfly Orchid
Encyclia tampensis
Florida Dancing Lady Orchid(Tolumnia bahamensis)
Florida Dancing Lady Orchid
Tolumnia bahamensis
Fragrant Ladies' Tresses(Spiranthes odorata)
Fragrant Ladies' Tresses
Spiranthes odorata
Fuchs' Vanilla, Mexican Vanilla(Vanilla mexicana)
Fuchs' Vanilla, Mexican Vanilla
Vanilla mexicana
Ghost Orchid(Dendrophylax lindenii)
Ghost Orchid
Dendrophylax lindenii
Giant Orchid, Non-crested Eulophia(Pteroglossaspis ecristata)
Giant Orchid, Non-crested Eulophia
Pteroglossaspis ecristata
Grass Pink Orchid(Calopogon tuberosus)
Grass Pink Orchid
Calopogon tuberosus
Grass-leaved Eulophia; Chinese Crown Orchid(Eulophia graminea)
Grass-leaved Eulophia; Chinese Crown Orchid
Eulophia graminea
Grass-leaved Ladies' Tresses(Spiranthes praecox)
Grass-leaved Ladies' Tresses
Spiranthes praecox
Green Adder's Mouth(Malaxis unifolia)
Green Adder's Mouth
Malaxis unifolia
Greenfly Orchid, Bartram's Tree Orchid(Epidendrum magnoliae)
Greenfly Orchid, Bartram's Tree Orchid
Epidendrum magnoliae
Jingle Bell Orchid, Needleroot Orchid(Dendrophylax porrectus (syn. Harrisella porrecta))
Jingle Bell Orchid, Needleroot Orchid
Dendrophylax porrectus (syn. Harrisella porrecta)
Large Whorled Pogonia(Isotria verticillata)
Large Whorled Pogonia
Isotria verticillata
Leafy Vanilla(Vanilla phaeantha)
Leafy Vanilla
Vanilla phaeantha
Long-horned false rein orchid(Habenaria macroceratitis)
Long-horned false rein orchid
Habenaria macroceratitis
Long-lipped Ladies Tresses(Spiranthes longilabris)
Long-lipped Ladies Tresses
Spiranthes longilabris
Michaux's Orchid(Habenaria quinqueseta)
Michaux's Orchid
Habenaria quinqueseta
Monk Orchid, African Spotted Orchid(Oeceoclades maculata)
Monk Orchid, African Spotted Orchid
Oeceoclades maculata
Multi-flowered Grass Pink(Calopogon multiflorus)
Multi-flowered Grass Pink
Calopogon multiflorus
Orange Fringed Orchid, Yellow Fringed Orchid(Platanthera ciliaris)
Orange Fringed Orchid, Yellow Fringed Orchid
Platanthera ciliaris
Orange Fringeless Orchid(Platanthera integra)
Orange Fringeless Orchid
Platanthera integra
Pale Grass Pink(Calopogon pallidus)
Pale Grass Pink
Calopogon pallidus
Potts' Orchid(Pteroglossaspis pottsii)
Potts' Orchid
Pteroglossaspis pottsii
Rose Pogonia, Snakemouth Orchid(Pogonia ophioglossoides)
Rose Pogonia, Snakemouth Orchid
Pogonia ophioglossoides
Rosebud Orchid, Spreading Pogonia(Cleistes bifaria)
Rosebud Orchid, Spreading Pogonia
Cleistes bifaria
Scarlet Ladies' Tresses(Sacoila lanceolata)
Scarlet Ladies' Tresses
Sacoila lanceolata
Shadow Witch Orchid(Ponthieva racemosa)
Shadow Witch Orchid
Ponthieva racemosa
Snowy Orchid, Bog Torch(Platanthera nivea)
Snowy Orchid, Bog Torch
Platanthera nivea
Southern Twayblade(Listera australis)
Southern Twayblade
Listera australis
Speckled Ladies Tresses(Cyclopogon cranichoides)
Speckled Ladies Tresses
Cyclopogon cranichoides
Spring Coralroot, Wister's Coralroot(Corallorhiza wisteriana)
Spring Coralroot, Wister's Coralroot
Corallorhiza wisteriana
Spring Ladies' Tresses(Spiranthes vernalis)
Spring Ladies' Tresses
Spiranthes vernalis
Thickroot Orchid, Ribbon Orchid(Campylocentrum pachyrrhizum)
Thickroot Orchid, Ribbon Orchid
Campylocentrum pachyrrhizum
Three Birds Orchid, Nodding Pogonia(Triphora trianthophora)
Three Birds Orchid, Nodding Pogonia
Triphora trianthophora
Two-keeled Galeandra(Galeandra bicarinata)
Two-keeled Galeandra
Galeandra bicarinata
Water Spider Orchid(Habenaria repens)
Water Spider Orchid
Habenaria repens
White fringed orchid.(Platanthera blephariglottis v. conspicua)
White fringed orchid.
Platanthera blephariglottis v. conspicua
Wild Coco(Eulophia alta)
Wild Coco
Eulophia alta

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